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Darling Dolls Cattery

Upcoming Litters

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Our Nursery has kittens! We have exciting breedings lined up for 2012 for more babies. The order in which these breedings are to be performed are thought to be as follows, although obviously individual heat cycles play an important role!
Eclipse x Twilite: A match meant to be, don't you think?? Exceptionally high show quality CFA Persian kittens expected. Potential future grand champions are very likely! Expect a variety of colors, markings and very correct faces of ultimate type. Coats will be EXTREMELY abundant, and of course- temperaments sweet as can be. We are enthralled at the thought of young from these 2 amazing cats. (KITTENS BORN!)
Eclipse x Tsunami: Breathtaking extreme and doll-faced CFA Persians are expected in a variety of colors. We expect nice coats and a variety of show type and traditional kittens will result. Hopefully, very correct Dark Angels will result also! These kittens will have sweet little personalities. (KITTENS BORN)
Eclipse x Cinderellie: Yet another giant advancement in our Napoleon breeding program! This pairing means wonderous 2nd generation Ultra Napoleon kittens are expected! The fact that their sire is ultimate show quality means you can count on stunning low profile faces, lush coats, gorgeous colors and both short and long legs. Thanks to mom, smoke kittens are expected! No matter the color, you can be sure lovable, curious and outgoing babies will result!(KITTENS BORN!)


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