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Darling Dolls Cattery

Adoption Application

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Note: We operate on a closed-cattery only basis. This means that we are do not open our home to public viewing. Any kittens can be viewed by means of our website, or, only after several serious correspondences, we are willing to meet up with buyers to purchase a kitten. Unfortunately, we’ve had too many no-shows, non-serious viewers and other circumstances which have led to this decision. This is for the safety of our home, family and animals. We hope you’ll understand. We're very committed to KEEPING our cattery 100% ear mite/fungus/URI free and we’re always happy to provide photos of our kitties, their living quarters and references if requested.

Please be sure to read About Us page PRIOR to submitting your application.
Please be sure to include which kitten(s) from our site most interests you.

Full Name:
E-Mail Address:
Mailing Address:
Phone number including area code
How did you hear about Darling Dolls Cattery?
Are you interested in Napoleons or Persians? What qualities are you seeking in your kitten?
Do you currently own pets? If so, please list.
How many kittens are you interested in?
What do you plan on feeding your kitten?
Please provide us details about the kitten's living quarters and the type of care you plan to render to your kitten.
Please list the number of residents in the home. If you have children, please specify their ages.
What type of veterinary care will your kitten receive?None
Routine care and veterinary recommended vaccines.
Necessary care and state regulated vaccines.
If you rent, what type of restrictions are there pertaining to animals allowed in the home?
Do you rent or own?
Do you plan on allowing your kitten outdoors?Yes
Only in a secured area or on a leash.
Would you like to be placed on our waiting list? We have Persian and Napoleon kittens usually available or coming soon. Our Persian prices start at $800, Non-standard Napoleons start at $500, standards start at $1,000.Yes
How are you prepared to get your kitten?Shipping ($350-$400)
Meet in Bangor, ME
Do you have any additional questions or comments?
Check here if you've read and understood our About Us page which gives information on pricing, what we include with each sale, etc

All photos and text on this website are property of Darling Dolls Cattery and may not be used or reproduced with out our consent. Please have respect for our work and email us :o)


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