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Darling Dolls Cattery

Dark Angels

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Torrents Of Tropical Tsunami- Just about to yawn!
Our first, only, and matriarch BLACK queen with the best copper eyes we've seen!

"Dark Angels" are specifically produced by Darling Dolls Cattery. We've chosen this name for our black kittens in an effort to portray the specific goals we have in mind with each black kitten produced.

Darling Dolls Hidden Dragon- Gorgeous Dark Angel
Our 1st black produced! Dragon developed rich, copper eyes and a lucious coat!

Like our Snow Angels, we decided that we wanted to focus more on black kittens we produced and have decided to compile some simple goals to breed towards that we feel many black doll-faced Persians lack today. Our most important goals, quite simply:
* Intense, true, blackest black coat color
* Correct, penetrating deep Copper eye color
Addtionally- we of course want to aim for enchanting faces, lovely coat quality and beautiful body shape. And, as usual- outstanding health and temperaments.


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