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Darling Dolls Cattery


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Darling Dolls Cinnamon Bun
Now Re-named Vesper, our first ever Flame Point Himalayan lives with Noelani

There is a lot of confusion out there about a Himalayan. These gorgeous cats are NOT a seperate breed from the Persian; rather they are a different color variety. Himalayan refers to the pointed-pattern; meaning color only forms at 6 points on the cats' body: Face, Tail, and all 4 feet. There are so many different colors of Himalayans available from Flame Points, Cream Points, Seal Points and Blue Points to Blue Cream Points, Tortie Points, Lilac Points and many in between! We are very thrilled to introduce Darling Dolls Cinnamon, our first ever Himalayan born to our cattery! One thing true to all Himalayans is their gorgeous ice blue eyes which really start to develop at 8-12 weeks old.

Cinnamon Bun- An amazing, precious love.
This boy is laid back, adorable, purry- an all around amazing boy.

Years ago Himalayans were created by crossing Siamese with Persian cats, and were considered a breed of their own. However, as time went by, the Himalayans and Persians eventually merged into one breed; Persians. You may see advertisements for Himalayans or Persian-Himalayans- these are considered purebred animals, and truly are Persians, but are color-pointed. Some forms of media and advertising still seperate Persians and Himalayans into seperate breed categories which furthers the confusion, they really are one breed! CFA, for instance, recognizes all color pointed Persians or Himalayans as purebred Persians, and the breed appearing on CFA registration forms is Persian.

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