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Darling Dolls Cattery

Kittens For Sale

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PLEASE NOTE: All kittens on this page are currently available and ready for new homes now! No new photos will be taken. We are happy to meet very serious prospective buyers to see our kittens in person prior to purchase!
Any prices seen on this page are subject to change due to new expenses incurred during their stay with us. It's imperative to contact us about a kitten of interest ASAP as they could increase. All kittens below are shown in natural coats, but have now been given lion cuts by our trusted groomer!

Available Napoleon Kittens

Darling Dolls Cattery eagerly welcomes our beautiful, outstanding litter of 2nd Generation Napoleon Kittens! Thanks to our amazing stud; Eclipse and our gorgeous queen, Cinderellie- we can once again deliver an impeccable litter of perfect little ones! These kittens are of the most prestigious pedigrees with outstanding titles, championships and grand championships behind them. They have been PKD/Felv/FIV tested negative via their parents and will be fully dewormed and vaccinated appropriately prior to their departure. All prices listed are for pet-only (non-breeding) contracts solely. If you are interested in acquiring a kitten with breeding rights, please inquire! 

Darling Dolls African Alex
Blue Smoke Bi-Color Standard 2nd Gen Napoleon Male Born 4/24/12 AVAILABLE


Name: Darling Dolls African Alex
DOB: 4-24-12
Sex: Male
Variety: Blue Smoke Bi-Color Longhaired 2nd Generation Standard Napoleon
Description: Alex is the dream kitten in the litter. He is an unusual color, with a desireable marking pattern, also standard very short legs, longhair and absolutely adorable face! This kitten has everything going on. Alex is all fluff, puff and lots of hot stuff!! He scurries around on those super short legs. There is nothing like the pitter patter of baby Napoleon feet. Priceless!


Darling Dolls Sassy Sarabi
Black Smoke Bi-Color Standard Female 2nd Gen NAPOLEON born 4/24/12 AVAILABLE


Name: Darling Dolls Sassy Sarabi
DOB: 4-24-12
Sex: Female
Variety: Black Smoke Longhaired 2nd Generation Non Standard Napoleon
Description: Sarabi is our only girl and we are extremely partial to her. We may be keeping her. She is an UNBELIEVABLE reflection of her mom.. and her mom is extremely dear to us. Sarabi has wonderful color and coat. She is super tiny. Her markings are amongst the most interesting we've seen. Little Ms. Sarabi is a very special lady indeed!


Available Persian Kittens


Tsumamis doll faced old style CFA Persian kittens

After a long wait, we are so excited to welcome a fantastic litter of breeder/pet quality traditional doll-faced CFA Persian kittens born July 1st 2012! Thanks again to our amazing stud; Eclipse and our original matriarch, Tsunami- we have a wonderful litter of 4 including a red tabby male, black? male and 2 tortoiseshell females! Colors are still to be determined as they do have some smoking and development will determine their true colors. Their pedigrees are wonderful. Their sire's is filled with titles of all sorts including numerous RW, NW, Ch, GRCh, etc. Their dam's has a very brag worthy pedigree also containing more traditional Persians yet still contains wonderful prestigious titles. They have been PKD/Felv/FIV tested negative via their parents and will be fully dewormed and vaccinated appropriately prior to their departure. 



Name: Darling Dolls Sunkissed Sweetness
DOB: 7-01-12
Sex: Female
Variety: Tortoiseshell Doll Faced CFA Persian
Description: Sweetness is the most precious little gem! She's full of fun color with the most gorgeous face and markings. I'm so excited to see how this beauty matures!!!

AVAILABLE: $600 pet ($1200 Full CFA breeding rights)



Name: Darling Dolls Ray O'Sunshine
DOB: 7-01-12
Sex: Male
Variety: Red Tabby Doll Faced CFA Persian
Description: Ray is a ham. He is the brut of the litter, loaded with personality, has the most precious little face and mouth and wonderful color/coat. Ray will be a handsome boy!!

AVAILABLE: $600 pet ($1200 Full CFA breeding rights)



Name: Darling Dolls Graffiti Artist
DOB: 7-01-12
Sex: Female
Variety: Tortoiseshell Doll Faced CFA Persian
Description: Graffiti is just as gorgeous as her sister- I still can't decide which kitten is prettier- they're both just as beautiful! Her little face and personality is to die for- already at such a young age! This gem will be one beautiful young lady.

AVAILABLE: $600 pet ($1200 Full CFA breeding rights

All photos and text on this website are property of Darling Dolls Cattery and may not be used or reproduced with out our consent. Please have respect for our work and email us :o)


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