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Darling Dolls Cattery

About Us

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 We hope you will take the time to read about our small cattery, our breeding goals, motives, etc. 


How We Began:

"We" are a mother/daughter team. Myself, Betty, and mother, Penny both equally contribute to the care and maintenance of the cats between both households. In Summer ‘07, We obtained our darling baby sisters; CFA Torrents of Tropical Tsunami (black Persian) and CFA Sweet Dreams of Precious Willow (shaded silver Persian.) This was one of the best Summers of our lives! We acquired them as pets primarily, with the hopes to someday breed. As their personalities developed, their coats grew luscious, and their outstanding health maintained- we knew that we would definitely want to provide people with the same loving, gorgeous, healthy pets that we’ve grown extremely attached to. So we made the decision to acquire our charming male; CFA Captain Crisco Of The Caribbean (copper-eyed white Persian) in late December, 2007. A few months later, after having done much research and oogling over webpage after webpage of photos of the dreamy, fairy-tale little Napoleons, we decided to acquire our very own standard Munchkin tom, Dunkin (black/white bicolor) to produce Napoleons of our own! Now, as we expand our tiny cattery a bit further, we have purchased 2 exceptional extreme show quality Persians including a Black tom and a Dilute Calico queen. We have since retired our lovely Crisco and Dunkin. Both have produced some fantastic kittens with amazing personalities. Our newest tom, however, should give us even "squishier" faces that we desire! We will still produce the best of both worlds; the old-style, traditional doll-faces as well as the show-quality, flattened peke-faces or extremes. We also wish to perfect a look that isn't as chisled as the traditional, yet not as extreme as the peke, for a softer doll-face.  We are absolutely enthralled at the prospect of young from our new cats!


Why We Breed:

Firstly, we would like to make it very clear that we have never been motivated by money. As any reputable breeder knows, very little, if any money, is gained from a reputable, ethical breeding program. Our decision to breed our precious dolls was due to a lifelong dream and facination with the raising and breeding of pets. I, as a child, never wanted anything more than to raise animals. I started my hamstery at 8 years of age. Even when playing with my toys, my Barbies were dog breeders owning everything from Dalmations to Chihuahuas and all of which had puppies! I even remember playing in my mom's nicknacks. She had this sheep candy jar which opened, and I stuffed it with plastic baby sheep to pretend the sheep was pregnant! I've always been infatuated with raising baby animals and have shared this passion with my mom. We have a true and sincere love for our animals, and while we wouldn't be able to financially continue on with this hobby if we weren't able to gain anything back from our kittens, we certainly do not breed for that reason. We believe in promoting our Persians and Napoleons as the wonderful breeds that they are. Our Persians are both doll-faced, and extreme quality. While we breed our old-style line specifically for slightly longer noses with a more open expression, we also have extreme lines of amazing pedigree which we are incoorporating into our cattery. In both lines, we strive for ideal health, amazing, outgoing temperaments, and outstanding looks; colors, coat, structure and faces. We are dedicated to producing lovely, healthy, charming, gorgeous quality kittens to approved, carefully screened homes. We breed cats who seek out human affection, that purr continuously, and warm your lap. We breed fabulous felines of wonderful, sound health. Lastly, we breed for amazing beauty. Our physical goals include: thick, luxurious coats; large, well rounded eyes; short, cobby bodies; wonderful, enchanted faces; gorgeous heads; intense colors and varieties in our Persians and Napoleons.

How We Operate:

We are an extremely small, home-based cattery (with only 4 breeding cats currently.) Our dedication is to house our “breeders” in a loving, cageless environment, being underfoot in the home. We've been so, so lucky to have several intact cats living in our homes- NONE of which have ever sprayed!! Our cats are our PETS, first and foremost. Their conditions are kept clean and safe, and their environment is smoke-free. We are very grateful to state that we have NEVER had any communicable health issues among our cats, ever- way before the Persians arrived, this includes being ear mite, URI, herpes and fungus-free. We attribute this to our cleaning methods, our cats indoor-only status, the fact that we vaccinate, and their stress-free living quarters. We are a closed cattery, non-negotiable. We take our cat's health extremely seriously. Visitors are not allowed for safety purposes. All meetups are arranged at an off-site public location. All of our Persians are CFA registered. Our breeders are also tested negative for Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus prior to considering them for breeding. We also now test every Napoleon and Persian for PKD. Our cats are vaccinated for Feline virus, Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia, Chlamydia, and Rabies. We try to keep our cats as current as possible on their vaccines despite their indoor-only status. Our cats are maintained on a quality dry diet with occasional canned/raw, and fresh water always available via automatic waterers/feeders throughout our home. We diligently use flea preventatives (either Frontline Plus, Promeris, or Advantage.) We regularly deworm with Praziquantel and Pyrantel Pamoate. We have several litter boxes filled with clean scoopable Fresh Step litter to drastically reduce odor and stress to our beauties. We believe stimulus keeps kitties content! Therefore, we have 3 tier kitty-condos which are carpeted allowing them to extend to their full body lengths and scratch. We also have random scratching posts, kitty jungles and other fun cat furniture. We have countless toys, gadgets, and playthings always available.  Lastly, we smother all of our cats with love, coddling, kisses and baby voices! (Sorry, they're our babies, what can we say??) We're constantly handling all of our beauties, individually, as this is one of the best ways to ensure a cooperative cat, which may save their life. If a cat is not handled well and can't cooperate with a vet in an emergency, it could have devastating effects on just how much care the vet is able to render. Our cats are comfortable and confident, loving, purring, feeling safe and relaxed. We've never, ever encountered any aggressive behaviors with any of our cats no matter what the situation- matt removal, bathing, medicating, brushing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, checking teeth, assisting in birth- the list can go on and on, our heavenly gems patiently endure everything, usually with a purr. Our cats are our children and our LIVES. We really hope you have gotten a sense of our TRUE compassion for our babies and just how much has been devoted into producing the best possible quality kitten for you and your family.


What You Will Receive With Your DDC Kitten:

We take great pride in the level of care, expense, and love we put into our kittens, cats and all of our pets, for that matter. Our kittens will be socialized intensely, just as our adults are, while in our home. They will be exposed to other cats, our dogs, the vacuum cleaner, and many other sights, sounds, and smells. They will have weekly nail trimmings from 4 weeks on, and at least 2 baths prior to leaving. They will have a potty-patch cut prior to going into their new home (hair will be clipped around the rectal area as kittens tend to have difficulty with hygiene at first and this helps to keep them as clean as possible.) ALL of our dogs/cats as well as our kittens are fed a quality dry commercial diet- and we mix in raw food at least weekly for optimum nutrition. Our kittens are obviously 100% litterbox trained. Your neutered or breeding CFA Persian kitten will be sold with complete 6 generation pedigree information revealing the lineage of your kitten via copies of CFA certified pedigrees (Our lines have several Champions/Grand Champions starting only a couple of generations back). Kittens sold on neuter contract will NOT receive pedigrees until proof of neuter is received. You will receive a Kitten Kit containing valuable coupons, information and samples, health record and more (depending upon availability). Your kitten will have received regular high-quality dewormings at 2 week intervals from the age of 2 weeks (although queens are also dewormed through gestation). Your kitten will also be current on FVRCPC/FeLV vaccines. Your kitten will also be already spayed or neutered unless otherwise agreed upon. A health record will be provided documenting all dewormings, each vaccine, other pertinent information as well as interesting birth notes about the queen's delivery revealing fun information such as the exact time your kitten arrived into this world, which order it arrived, and much more (given we are present for the birth). Your kitten will be available at the age of at least 12 weeks unless otherwise stated. All kittens go out on contract. We very happy to inform you about the level of care, expense, and time we render to our kittens to ensure you will receive a properly cared for, well adjusted pet. If you have any questions, please email us. To see comments from past buyers- visit our KITTENS FOR SALE page.


If you have been doing even minimal research on Persians, expecially doll-faced varieties, you may have noticed that many other catteries ask sometimes up to $6,000 or higher for their Persians, and they are only sold with first vaccines leaving all other expense (neutering, final shots, dewormings, etc) up to you. However, we think that these amazing creatures shouldn't be available to only the rich and famous. Therefore, we start our pet Persian prices at $800-$1000 per kitten! Our non-standard (regular-legged) Napoleon kittens start at $600+, while our standard (short-legged) Napoleon kittens start at $1,500+ up. Some catteries price their Standard Napoleon kittens at $10,000!! We are devoted to always keeping our prices as reasonable as feasibly possible in relation to expense/demand/competition. It must be noted that performing an ethical, responsible breeding program is by no means inexpensive or money making! The expenses are endless. To name only a few; veterinary care, diet, record-keeping, registrations, advertising, grooming, husbandry (toys, kitty furniture, quality litter, bowls, etc), cleaning (steaming, carpet cleaning, products, odor neutralizers, etc), and many, many more! Our sweeties are our pride and our joy, raised with tons of affection, love, care, attention, and cleanliness. Therefore, while we try to keep prices as cost-effective as possible, we must take our mountains of expenses into account.

 Unfortunately, there are a lot of "Persian" kittens being sold out there for dirt cheap prices, many at $350-$500 in this area, and some even $100-$150!! This seems to be a dream come true for Persian buyers. Sadly, the old addage "You get what you pay for" really applies the majority of the time! These kittens are usually of questionable decent, very rarely pedigreed or even registered (usually they are mixed breeds.) They may also be ill or falsely advertised. A relative of ours thought she was getting a great deal on her persian girl for $50, although upon grooming her found out she was a male! He also has chronic diarrhea. Beware of these "low cost" persians. An ethical breeder would not be able to continue with a high-quality breeding program by selling kittens for these shelter fees unless they were not investing any money into the kittens or their parents, which sadly is usually the case.

A responsible breeder cares about the kitten for the LIFE of him/her. Therefore, placing that kitten into a home that can't even afford the initial purchase is NOT rational. The purchase of the kitten is only a fraction of the expenses that will ensue. If a home is unable to afford the kitten's purchase price, they certainly can't afford the kitten.


We now offer shipping! We've experienced 2 very successful shipments of our dolls and decided if the process was tolerable and pleasant for all parties involved (especially the kitty!) that we would offer shipping in the future for our Darling Dolls. We ship using Delta Comair via cargo PetFirst flight out of Bangor, ME. Shipping costs for young kittens is expected to be approximately $350 (actual price will be given upon request), and $400+ for older kittens/adults. Standard shipping package includes crate, food cups, piddle pads in the crate, health certificate w/acclimation report when necessary and everything listed above. We also offer a "Deluxe" shipping package for an additional $50 which includes everything above plus additional extra-comfy items in an effort to further reduce stress to your kitten during his/her trip. Some extra items included in this package are a spray of Feliway calming pheremone in the carrier, a cuddly baby blanket and stuffed toy for cuddling up to with scents from mom and siblings, soft toys for travel, a cat-nip pillow and other comforting items based on availability.



We may be offering our Eclipse for studding to approved females. Please email us for more information if you have a girl you would like to breed to this outstanding man!

All photos and text on this website are property of Darling Dolls Cattery and may not be used or reproduced with out our consent. Please have respect for our work and email us :o)


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