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Darling Dolls Cattery

Our Queens

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Darling Dolls Sweet Dreams Of Cinderellie
Our first ever 1st Gen Nap. female kitten- She was literally a DREAM COME TRUE!

We named her Cinderellie because she is truly from a fairy tale! This little girl is our dream kitten in every sense of the word. She's exactly what we ordered; and more! I had so badly hoped for a little female Black Smoke standard longhaired Napoleon kitten (now those are a lot of requirements) and I literally got more than I even dreamed about! Not only does little Cinderellie have her mother's (Willow's) luscious coat, but she's also a little female, standard (shortlegged) and the ever-so-desired Black Smoke- But wait! There's more! She's a Black Smoke Bi-Color with a perfect face mask, beauty mark and precious booties. And as an even bigger added bonus- she's the sweetest, most tolerant, loving, purrable, social and perfectly-tempered little beauty imaginable. This kitten blew us away from day one. Her legs are ultra short, her health has always been astounding, like our entire little group. See now why Cinderellie is a Fantasy kitty? She's almost too good to be true! Her aunt is Tsunami, below. Cinderellie is PKD DNA neg and out of FeLV/FIV neg parents.

Torrents of Tropical Tsnuami
We think 'Nami does a great job of emcompassing the true meaning of "DOLL-FACED!"

Torrents of Tropical Tsunami is our incredible black CFA Persian girl born April 3rd, 2007. In addition to being an absolutely stunning little onyx- she's got an amazing personality. She's so very calm, gentle, easy going, and precious- she doesn't quite live up to her name! Tsunami and her sister, Willow are the 2 most intelligent cats I've ever met. You don't have to speak to them. They can read your mind- I swear it. With one look, she knows what I'm saying. When she opens the cupboard and I give her the "hairy eyeball" she meows and runs off. As soon as she sees you land on the couch- it's in your lap- or better yet- on your chest, snuggling, purring away. She's very soft spoken. She'll talk to you quietly when shes in need of some cuddle time. Such a loving, perfect girl. She is also incredibly tolerant- anything we could dream of doing to this precious love- she patiently, silently, moitionlessly endures; baths, face cleanings, grooming, ear cleanings, nail trimmings, tons and tons and tons of kisses- you name it, she'll let you! With many champions behind her, her pedigree includes: Puffian, Footsteps, Fairisles, Elegantkitty, Raindrop, Walnut Hill, Kitsumi, & more! She's developed quite the flowy, black coat, and has a darling old style little face. Her eyes are the most perfect copper which is very correct for her coat. We are so blessed to have our amazing Tsunami. She's our "Dark Angel!" Tsunami's had her FVRCPC/FeLV and Rv vaccines, is FeLV/FIV neg and PKD DNA neg.


This precious gem, Esta Valley Twilight of Darlingdolls is a dilute calico extreme show quality Persian. She is a fantastic young lady of excellent type; incredible markings, gorgeous coat, perfect little ears, big round deep copper eyes and boasts an amazing pedigree FULL of many prestigous cattery names and fine showing titles. Sired by a Champion, both parents are Beaubell Persians and lineage comprised nearly solely of Champions, Grand Champions, RWs, NWs and DMs. To name only a few bloodlines behind this gem: Beaubell, MacGlen, Tehy, Boberan, Wishstar, Equinox, Barbeedoll.  She will make a fantastic asset to our breeding program, and is the start of the new endeavor into extreme Persians. She's the sweetest, most outgoing, purring little lovebug! She's also so playful, which is great to see in an adult. She loves her furry mice and bell filled balls. We are so happy to welcome Twilight into our lives! FeLV/FIV/PKD neg. Twilight, like our Eclipse is also a PURE Persian (meaning originated with no Himalayan descent). Learn more here.

This beautiful graphic of Tsunami was a gift
Thanks Angela! Tsunami and I (Betty) adore it!

Sweet Dreams of Precious Willow
They say she's a cat, we disagree. To say Willow is our everything would be an understatement.

Sweet Dreams of Precious Willow is our little tortie smoke CFA Persian queen also born April 3rd, 2007. She is an outgoing, fearless, cocky, mischievous little devil. She’s very mouthy- constantly meowing while she’s purring, mind you, so that she can pretend to convey how much she dislikes being coddled. Willow is a sassy little sweetheart- and we wouldn’t want her any other way! Despite all of her talk- she’s actually a very good girl; allowing us to easily clean teeth, administer dewormings, perform nail trimmings, and ear cleanings, etc. She’s perfect in the tub; sits patiently without making a peep through the whole bath. During the drying, she lays there in the towel, on her back like a baby; meowing softly as she purrs. She is developing an amazing coat with a gorgeous ruff. She has a precious face with wonderful eyes. Willow is my little soulmate, and she is like no other cat I've ever met. To anyone that meets her I tell them that she's not really full cat, but part magic. We are very grateful for our little nosey, dramatic beauty. Willow is FeLV/FIV and PKD negative.
Despite her amazing kittens, wonderful mothering skills and easy pregnancies/labors, our stunning Willow has been placed in early retirement. She is spayed now and will stay with us forever and always!!

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